Prayer before Healing

by Master Yeshua

My Father, I stand before you an empty vessel. Fill me with Your love.


I give you my hands that they may touch with Your power and gentleness to ease the pains of my brothers and sisters.


I give you my eyes that I may see the face of Christ in all who come before me.


I give you my ears that I may hear only the song of hope and redemption in all who speak to me.


I give you my mind that I may offer forgiveness to those who seek to offend me.


I give You the life You first gave to me, that in its flow I might fulfill the promise that lies within me of the only begotten Son of the Father.


Here I am totally Yours. In this is perfect peace.


So it is.


(c) 2008 Rev. Penny Donovan


Anywhere that spiritual healing occurs is a place of worship.


The Church of Sacred Healing observes and follows the teachings of Archangel Gabriel and otherMaster Teachers channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan that are preserved and taught by Sacred Garden Fellowship (SGF).


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